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About E&S Grounding Solutions

Electrical Engineers HandbookE&S Grounding Solutions is the premier electrical grounding, earthing, and electrical safety consulting firm and contributors to the McGraw-Hill book Standard Handbook for Electrical Engineers Sixteenth Edition
authoring chapter 24: “Grounding Systems” in the 16th Edition.

Grounding and Earthing HandbookOur engineering manager David Stockin is the author of McGraw-Hills NEC 2014 Grounding and Earthing Handbook
which fully discusses above-grade wiring issues and below-grade earthing issues related to electrical grounding in conjunction with Article 250 of the 2011 National Electrical Code.

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Electrical Grounding Books

Our electrical grounding blog is hosted by David Stockin, our lead engineer and contributor to numerous prestigious publications regarding electrical grounding and earthing including:

  • McGraw-Hill’s Upcoming NEC 2014 Grounding and Earthing Handbook,
    1st Edition
  • The Standard Handbook For Electrical Engineers, 15th & 16th Editions
  • The Handbook Of Electrical Calculations, 3rd Edition
  • EOS/ESD Symposium Proceedings, EOS-22

David was the lead electrical grounding/earthing engineer for all of the massive Google (100,000+ sq. ft.) Data Centers located from America to Asia and Europe as well as the lead grounding engineer for both the US Navy’s Data Center upgrades and the US Coast Guards Alaska Radio Towers upgrades. David has conducted studies for the US Army Corp of Engineers that involved human-safety, fault analysis, and upgrades for complete utility systems comprised of eight (8) high-voltage substations powering national security facilities.

Additionally, David has conducted grounding studies and work plans for several LNG facilities, numerous chemical factories, and literally thousands of cellular communications sites. David has given lectures to the IEEE, several telecommunications companies, and held numerous multi-day training seminars providing certification and training to hundreds of engineers and technicians. David is certainly one of the most experienced electrical grounding engineers in the world and a trusted resource for electrical grounding knowledge.

Providing full-service electrical grounding solutions and the best electrical engineering grounding design services available is the number one of the priority at E&S Grounding Solutions.

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