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Electrical Grounding Training Course

This interactive 2-day course will cover grounding fundamentals,
which grounding system tests can prevent safety and operational issues
at your facilities and which tests can be conducted during a plant shutdown
versus while the plant is in operation.

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Why use one type of grounding electrode instead of another?

Find out now. Downloading our “Grounding Electrodes Explained” White Paper which covers the features and benefits of different grounding electrodes, the importance of soil resistivity testing and more, all in an easy-to-read and understandable manner!

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Wenner 4 Point Soil Resistivity Testing

Soil resistivity testing is absolutely essential when it comes to reliable electrical grounding design or determining ground rise potential.
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Cell Site Grounding Requirements

We meet the 5 Ohm resistance to ground requirement to keep your valuable cell site and telecommunications equipment within warranty.
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Grounding System Design

Our comprehensive grounding system design improves reliability, reduces maintenance costs, and reduces downtime.
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Ground Potential Rise Studies

The voltages produced by a Ground Potential Rise event can be hazardous. A Ground Potential Rise Study is the process of automated timed and/or continuous resistance-to ground measurement.
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Electrical Engineering Services

Our Electrical Engineering Services can help you enhance the safety and reliability of your power system including recommendations to mitigate future power system issues.
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Grounding System Evaluations

We provide complete electrical grounding audits which can reduce the probability of injury and lost time and revenue as a result of lightning strikes, AC power ground fault currents and more.
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We are the premier grounding, earthing, and electrical safety consulting firm in the United States.
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