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Cell Site Grounding And Telecommunications Grounding Requirements

Comprehensive cell site grounding and telecommunications grounding solutions based on the IEEE Std 142 recommended best practices

Proper electrical grounding is essential for Cell Sites, BTS Cellular Base Stations, telecommunications or wireless network equipment deployement. Our cell site grounding,telecommunications grounding and communication tower grounding methods closely follow the Motorola R56 standards and IEEE Std 142-1991 and IEEE Std 142-2007 recommended Practice for Grounding of Industrial and Commercial Power Systems guidelines for cell site and telecommunications sites.

We meet the 5 Ohm resistance to ground requirement to keep your valuable cell site and telecommunications equipment within warranty

Nowdays many equipment vendors and telecommunications companies require cell site grounding and telecommunications grounding systems at 5 Ohm resistance to ground. According to the IEEE Std 142-1991 and IEEE Std 142-2007 (The Green Book), the communication tower grounding electrode resistance of large electrical substations should be 1 Ohm resistance or less. For commercial and industrial substations including cell site and telecommunications sites the recommended resistance to ground is 5 Ohms or less. This low resistance is required due to the high potential to earth of the electrical system. Depending upon the site location and soil characteristics, achieving that 5 ohm resistance can be very difficult. With proper soil resistivity testing however, we can provide communication tower grounding solutions that will achive 5 ohm resistance to ground and meet the stringent requirements such as the Motorola R56 standard to keep your valuable equipment within warranty.

The experts at E&S Grounding Solutions provide comprehensive cell site grounding and telecommunication grounding solutions for Cell Site grounding or BTS Cellular Base Station grounding. Our cell site grounding and telecommunication tower grounding services protect your valuable equipment!

  • Single point ground design
  • Location Wenner 4 point soil resistivity testing
  • Maintaining grounding requirements at the NEC (Network Interface Device)
  • Grounding hardware such as generators, power plant, battery pack and air conditioning units
  • Ground rod placement
  • Grounding OSP (Out Side Plant) cables
  • Complying with electrical safety requirements

Cell Site GroundingBTS sites (Base Transmitter Station), cell sites, cellular towers and telecommunications centers must provide highly reliable phone and data communications, and in order to maintain this level of service the equipment and grounding must meet NEBS requirements (Networks Element Building Standards). Our electrical grounding solutions compliant with IEEE Std 142-1991 and IEE Std 142-2007 ensure that your high performance equipment is protected.

We provide safe and compliant cell site grounding and telecommunications grounding design

Our BTS cellular base station cell site grounding and telecommunications grounding design solutions are based on NEBS compliance and the following telecommunication networks compliance standards:

  • TR-NWT-000295
  • GR-1275
  • NEC 2008
  • IEEE Std 142-1991 and IEE Std 142-2007