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Please note: Answers are based on the time availability of E&S Grounding Solutions technicians. We only answer questions submitted to us in the English language. If your question is urgent please call us toll-free at 888.367.0888.

E&S Grounding Solutions Inc. (E&S) provides an initial “Requester Consultation” at No Charge for general electrical grounding/earthing questions as a public courtesy through our website’s Ask the Experts portal. The primary intent of our courtesy service is to address simpler questions about electrical systems and good grounding practices, particularly to assist residential homeowners who may not otherwise have access to our level of expertise on a “good-will” basis. Typically, the answers will not require additional research by E&S and exchanges are less than 15 minutes in length. If the questions are more complex, and require lengthy exchanges exceeding 15 minutes, and/or include documentation review or demand engineering calculations by E&S to properly deliver sound advice, then the Requester consultation converts to a Pay-for-Service relationship.

E&S will always advise the Requester if the “Free vs. Paid” mode needs to be converted. If E&S determines (at its sole discretion) the exchange should become a Pay-for-Service experience, E&S will provide a quote for subject service prior to any obligations required by the Requester. In no case will E&S assert a Pay-for-Service obligation with the Requester without prior notice as to why this is needed, and what the price of the service will be if E&S delivers, and written approval is provided by the Requester.