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Do fire sprinkler systems need to be grounded?

Mike asks us: “Does my electrical grounding system need to be connected to my buildings fire sprinkler system?”

Thank you Mike for the great question.  Yes, your building or structures fire sprinkler system must be bonded to the common grounding system in accordance with the National Electrical Code NEC 250.104, and 250.104(D)(1); the Lightning Protection Code NFPA 780 4.14; and the Fire Sprinkler Code NFPA 13  It is also required under NFPA 24 the code for the installation of private water service. 

It is important to remember that there is a difference between bonding a metal object to ensure that there are no differences in potential, and in using that metal object as a fault current path and/or a grounding electrode.  You may NOT use the fire sprinkler system as a fault current path or as a grounding electrode.

You should have an electrically isolating flange installed at the base of the fire rise, which will prevent your electrical system from using the buried fire rise supply pipe as an electrode.  Of course, you may not use the fire sprinkler pipes as a grounding electrode conductor anywhere within the facility.  However, each and every riser should have a copper or aluminum conductor bonding the riser back to the main grounding system in a manner that does not place it in series with any other electrical system.  A single tap from a ground bar is the best method.

fire sprinkler

As you can see in this photo, the fire riser has two pipe clamps connected to a grounding conductor that is routed back to the main grounding system and bonded to a ground bar.

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