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Electrical Grounding Training Programs

Electrical Grounding Training Programs

Electrical Grounding TrainingWe offer specialized electrical grounding training and electrical earthing training courses in a variety of lengths, from half day courses to full day (or longer) seminars. We provide customized electrical grounding training and electrical earthing training to companies as well as “open to the public” electrical grounding training courses in a host city through sponsoring organizations.

Our electrical grounding and bonding training programs are designed for:

  • Utility and Industrial Electrical Engineers and Engineering Technicians
  • Project Engineers
  • Design Engineers
  • Field Technicians
  • Electrical Technicians
  • Electricians
  • Plant Operators
  • Plant Engineers
  • Electrical Supervisors

Electrical grounding training subject matter can include:

  • Sphere of Influence Theory
  • Advantages/disadvantages of various grounding electrodes
  • How to properly connect these electrodes into the grounding system
  • Types of bonds that are acceptable and where to use them
  • Resistance-to-Ground testing
  • Soil Resistivity testing
  • Basics of grounding system design
  • How grounding can resolve human safety issues in high-voltage environments
  • The impact of lightning strikes on grounding systems
  • The basic principles of grounding of medium and high voltage electrical systems
  • Protective or Safety grounding systems
  • Safe and unsafe working conditions
  • Design considerations of a grounding grid for medium and high voltage
  • Measuring of ground resistance, resistivity in substations
  • Protection of substations from lightning energy

We also offer a specialized electrical grounding and bonding training course covering the proper use of grounding engineering and simulation software such as how use the RESAP Module of the CDEGS program for analyzing soil resistivity data. This course further covers how to use the MALT and/or MALZ modules to calculate the expected resistance-to-ground of basic grounding electrode configurations.

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