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High dollar log house (ranch), highest point around with little or no trees in immediate area. Is this a lightning hazard?

Layton tells us:  At the log cabin home, there is a transformer, whole house back up generator, and switch located 275 feet from house. Ground rods at this location. Two feeds both 3 wire PVC to house that go directly to 200 Amp sub panels. A separate #2 ground wire was pulled as well. Not terminated at this point. No ground at house. Lots of electronics in the house. In my opinion a disaster in the making.

Hi Layton,

It sounds like from your description that indeed this is a lightning hazard.  Given the expense of the home, a simple NFPA 780 compliant lightning protection system would seem to be in order.  Ideally the home would have a buried ground ring around the entire perimeter, but at a minimum the required down conductors should be installed.  They did not install ground rods at the 200-amp subpanels?  As long as there is a ground wire running back to the main panel and there is no neutral-to-ground bond at the subpanels, there is no reason that they couldn’t at least install a 10-ft ground rod at each sub-panel.

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