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I work for the Cross River State Government in Nigeria. Do you offer Field Engineer training?

Hi Antigha,

Thank you for your question regarding Grounding Field Engineer training.  It is our pleasure to help.

E&S Grounding Solutions offers both public and private training courses for grounding / earthing for Field Technicians and Engineers.  While course length is often tailored to the needs of the trainees, subject matter typically includes:


  •     Sphere of Influence Theory
  •     Advantages/disadvantages of various grounding electrodes
  •     How to properly connect these electrodes into the grounding system
  •     Types of bonds that are acceptable and where to use them
  •     Resistance-to-Ground testing
  •     Soil Resistivity testing
  •     Basics of grounding system design
  •     How grounding can resolve Human Safety issues in High-Voltage Environments
  •     The impact of lightning strikes on grounding systems
  •     and more

 As you can see, the amount of material to cover is vast.  E&S Grounding Solutions offers courses in a variety of lengths, from 2-3 hours courses, to full 1-2 day (or longer) seminars.  We typically offer “open to the public” grounding/earthing courses in a host city through a sponsor. 

Here is some additional information presented in an earlier blog:



Please feel free to call us at 310-318-7151 and we will be glad to discuss your training needs.


Best regards,

The Engineering Team at E&S Grounding Solutions


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