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In substation, often LV and HV, grounds and neutral of transformer or other instrument are connecting to one meshy network. Sometimes when lightening or other phenomenona like that occurs the LV instruments are destroyed. How can I resolve this problem and how can I know about the new method for grounding in substation? LV and HV, grounds and neutral should be connecting to one ground grid or no? is it any standard for connecting or separating grounds in substation?

Hi Moshen,

Thank you for your question regarding LV and HV grounding at substations, it is our pleasure to help.

You may not have separate grounding systems at any location, particularly at substations.  It would be very hazardous and would actually increase the problems you are having.

In your case, your substations grounding system is probably inadequate to handle the current levels it is experiencing.  Fortunately in your case, a standard Step & Touch Voltage Safety Analysis will not only resolve the problems you are having with your LV equipment, but it will also make the site safe for the people working in the facility. 

A Step & Touch Voltage Safety Analysis is easy to do, all you need is to provide us with site drawings, soil data and the substations electrical fault data.  Via email, we can analyze your facilities grounding system using the CDEGS engineering simulation software, and provide you with recommended improvements to your grounding system that you can then implement.

Please contact us at 310-318-7151 California time and someone will be happy to speak with you about analyzing your project and making it safe for personnel and equipment.

Best regards,

The Engineering Team at E&S Grounding Solutions


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  1. Dear sir
    I think, the answer that you say for my question is best answered. thanks for your response. I have CYMEGRD but i think CDEGS is better. How can i get CDEGS software. i can not find this software in sites. can you help me in this way.

    1. Hi Moshen,

      You are correct in that the CDEGS software package is far superior to CYMGRD. CYMGRD cannot calculate one-meter (or any distance) step & touch voltages from specified objects, which is the only way to do the actual calculations. As a result, CYMGRD must use a max calculated step & touch voltage based on the overall system. This results in overdesigned ground grids in areas that don’t need it, and it’s inability to detect specific “hot-spots” results in under-designed ground girds in areas that do need it.

      Currently, the CDEGS software package is valued at $70,000.00 US Dollars per license, plus an annual 20% ($14,000 per year) maintenance fee. But this really isn’t the biggest cost; learning to properly use CDEGS can take months and months of training at the software makers facility and even then, the lack of experience can result in poor/improper design.

      The best use of your time and money would be to have a firm like E&S Grounding Solutions conduct the study for you. For less than the annual maintenance fee, you can get an analysis completed by an experienced engineer that will exceed all of your expectations. All you need is the following three (3) items:

      1. Substation Drawings
      2. Raw soil resistivity data
      3. Electrical fault data for the substation (amperage, X/R, and clearing time)

      Please contact us at 310-318-7151 California time. We will happy to help you get your project up and running ASAP.

      Best regards,
      The Engineering Team at E&S Grounding Solution

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