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ppl underground service. Do I have to ground the meter base or do they? If so how?

Hi Harold,

Thank you for your question regarding ppl underground electrical services and meter base grounding.  It is our pleasure to help.

We found the attached document detailing how to install a ppl electric meter.  Rule #5 (see page 26) does detail some of the grounding requirements.  There may be additional grounding requirements in other parts of the document, as it is quite extensive at 82 pages in length.  It may be prudent to review it in some detail to make sure that nothing is missed.  But generally speaking, all metallic objects in electrical systems that can be touched by humans, should be bonded to a grounded non-current carrying conductor. 

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Here is the document we found:


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  1. Scott Jones

    I am just a layman but Rule #20 (e.) states – The grounding electrode conductor shall be installed directly between the grounding electrode and the service disconnecting equipment and shall not pass through the meter base or be connected to any grounding lug in the meter base. I don’t know if this helps or not. I have not found any requirements to ground the meter base.

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