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What is the best and economical grounding system possible to avoid damages to the electronic equipment (controllers) in the solar field?

Hi Ramkumar,

Thank you for your question regarding solar station grounding systems, it is our pleasure to help.

Solar stations are power generators that deal with electrical energies every bit as dangerous as that of any other power plant or electrical substation.  In fact they have certain additional dangers that many power plants don’t have.  Specifically the solar arrays can’t be turned off, and the DC arc-flash hazards are worse than AC arc-flashes and are more difficult to calculate.  That said, it is unlikely that you will have much choice in what grounding regulations you will be required to meet.  While every country will have its own specific standards, the EU, America, Canada, etc., all have requirements for ensuring human safety inside your facility, specifically Step & Touch Voltages. 

Fortunately, grounding systems that are safe for people are also safe for the equipment.  A properly designed grounding system for a power generator site is quite a complex task.  There are many critically important factors that must be taken into account and be properly engineered; public access to the exterior fence, worker safety when inside the compound, ability to handle fault currents without thermal overload, surface coverings, ground grids, deep ground wells, X/R ratios, clearing times, lighting protections and many more.  Ultimately, your grounding system will involve an extensive equipotential bonding system and will be one of the single biggest components of your solar plants design.  You will want to ensure that it is properly designed.

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The design process will start with excellent soil resistivity data, predicted electrical fault data, and a site plan.  E&S Grounding Solutions would be happy to help you with your project, but if not us, please get someone to assist you in this critical process.  If you would like our assistance, please feel free to contact Michael at mesparza@esgrounding.com or feel free to call us at 310-318-7151 California time.

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