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What is the best way to protect my house from a lightning strike?


Roger writes that he recently had a lightening strike hit his house which wiped out all of his electronic equipment.

Hi Roger, we are very sorry to hear about your home and hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and safe. Lightning is a very serious and dangerous phenomenon that damages hundreds of thousands of homes each year, and unfortunately is responsible for dozens of deaths.  According to Insurance Industry reports, there were 246,200 claims for lightning damage in 2008, resulting in 1.065 Billion dollars in damage.  The average damage per home was $4,324 dollars.  In fact 3% to 4% of all insurance claims made in the US are lightning related. Protecting your family and home from future damage is

We recommend the NFPA 780 “Standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems” as a guideline for protecting your home.  This standard provides very specific instructions on how to install time-tested lightning protection systems.  Fortunately, you don’t need to know this standard yourself.  All you need is to find a contractor in your area that can install a “UL Master Label” lightning protection system.  The master label process will provide a signed document certifying that your home lightning protection system has been built in accordance with industry standards.

Of course, proper grounding is another key component in protecting your home. You should contact a certified electrician to inspect your home and confirm that you have ground wires in all your 120-volt outlets and that your service has a dedicated grounding electrode in accordance with Article 250 of the National Electric Code.

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