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What is the type of earthing at shore side electrical equipment, also please tell us the standard followed

Hi Shailesh,

Thank you for your question regarding the grounding requirements along shorelines, it is our pleasure to help.

Grounding along the coast near the ocean is no different than any other grounding.  You should follow all the same rules and regulations as you would for the installation at any other location.  However, you should take care that the salt-water found near oceans can be very corrosive to certain grounding electrodes.  In particular, galvanized ground rods tend not to do as well as copper rods when salt is present.  You may wish to consider using an electrolytic electrode with bentonite clay as it will be very resistant to corrosion of all sorts. 

We hope this answers your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us again should you have any further questions,

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